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GrapeHeart is made by 13 selected botanicals from the hills of Valpolicella, flavoured with the iconic Amarone wine.

Amarone della Valpolicella


GrapeHeart is the perfect paring to your favourite meal and, why not, one of the ingredients.

Grapeheart & Tonic

Take your first sip, rinse your mouth for a little while and enjoy the wave of sensations... We advocate first tasting Grapeheart neat. For a perfect G&T, use a neutral tonic water (like Fever Tree Indian, Fentimans Indian, Goldberg, Aqua Monaco, Thomas Henry). We really recommend to avoid pungent garnishes such as fresh lemon skin, rosemary or cucumber.

- 40ml Grapeheart Gin
- 100ml Tonic Water

Garnish: Dried lemon or orange, raspberries or juniper berries
Technique: Stir directly into the glass first gin, then big ice cubes, finally tonic water
Service: Tumbler, but why not a Wine Glass?

- 7.5ml Sugar Syrup
- 60ml Grapeheart Gin
- 5 gocce Angostura Bitters
- 2 gocce Orange Bitters
- 2 gocce Absinthe

Garnish: Orange Peel
Technique: Fill the glass with ice and mix the ingredients
Serve: Tumbler or whiskey glass

- Pesca Michelin
- Acqua
- Zucchero di Canna
- GrapeHeart Gin
- Sciroppo di Glucosio
- Destrosio
- Succo di  Limone fresco


While Martini e Manhattan got their way in the majority of drink lists, Bijou lost the appeal it had in the late XIX. That's a pity! In the original recipe from the Harry Johnson's Bartenders' Manual (1900) Gin, Chartreuse e Vermouth are mixed in equal parts. We simply prefer it with more Gin.

- 40ml Grapeheart Gin
- 20ml Green Chartreuse
- 20ml Sweet Vemouth
- 2 drops Orange Bitters

Garnish: Black Olive or Cherry
Technique: Stir & Strain
Service: Coupè o Martini Glass

- 22 ml GrapeHeart Gin
- 30 ml Gamondi bitter
- 30 ml Q Vermouth
- 5 ml gentian liqueur
- 10 ml maraschino, cherry infused

Technique: Throwing
Serve: Tumbler

- Pâté di fegatini e cuori di pollo
- Cetriolo sott’aceto
- Mela al gin
- Crumble al pepe nero
- Erbe aromatiche

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