We advocate first tasting Grapeheart neat. However, mixing the spirit with tonic water is the best way to obtain a unique explosion of fragrances. The optimal preparation requires:

  • a wine glass with a solid stem. We know, Gin & Tonic should be served in a Tumbler, but why not trying it in a glass that exalts the flower scents of this spirit?
  • ice cubes, or better a single big block, to reduce melting
  • a dry tonic water, to smooth the floral bouquet of Grapeheart. We love it with Q Tonic, Fentimans and Goldberg.
  • a very minimal garnish, like pepper or raisin, to avoid altering the taste of your cocktail

We really recommend to avoid pungent garnishes such as lemon skin, rosemary or cucumber. Grapeheart, like all premium spirits, is an harmonious and balanced blend. If you want to refresh your nose before tasting, rub a lemon skin on the stem of the glass and on its outer side.